Executive Team

E9 Hydrogen is led by an experienced team with multi-disciplinary backgrounds in engineering, electrochemistry technology, industrial manufacturing, business and finance

Darrel Smith, P.E.

Chairman & Chief Technology Officer Founder, Mechanical Engineer

43 years of professional experience in Process Engineering and Manufacturing. E9 green hydrogen electrolysis inventor, Licensed Professional Engineer

Mark Allen, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

45 years of professional experience in Executive and Operations Management, Technology Start-ups, Systems Engineering and Integration, Energy Transition, Decarbonization, Licensed Professional Engineer

Cassio Conceicao

Chief Financial Officer

35 years of professional experience and leadership roles in Global Operations, Engineering and Product Development, Supply Chain, Services, and Business General Management with multi-billion- dollar organizations, midsize public and private companies, and start-ups

Bill Croyle

Chief Marketing Officer

44 years of professional experience in Information Technology, Sales & Marketing. Private Equity, Technology Start-ups, Energy Project Development, and Energy

Blake Putney

EVP Strategic Systems

45 years of professional experience in Engineering, Risk Analysis/ Systems Thinking, Modeling Complex Systems, Systems Integration

Joel Butler

Senior Advisor

Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering 35 years of professional experience in Business and Operations Management, Technology Start-ups, Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Systems and Operations, Software & Technology Integration with Business Processes, fundraising & alliance partnership development

Darrel Smith and other members of management have been investigating green hydrogen production systems for over a decade.  Together, they have joined forces in a new venture, E9 Hydrogen, Inc., with the goal of bringing E9’s break-through electrolysis technology and innovative system design to market. The Company will be recruiting additional team members in tandem with commercial launch and scale-up.  



E9 is a member and/or participant with leading
hydrogen industry organizations including: